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    Project Overview

    Key Details

    What was needed?

    Stormwater treatment system upgrades

    Where was it needed

    Nucor Steel
    2424 SW Andover St
    Seattle, WA 98106

    Project Deadline

    90 days

    How It Worked

    Project Outcome

    Grand Rapids Filtration provided Clear Water Services and their client, Nucor Steel, with a series of filtration equipment and a customized manifold system. The equipment included a duplex 36”D x 72”H x 4-pod sand filtration skids and 3-5000# Adsorptive Media Vessels. The manifold system between the media vessels was customized by GRF’s design team to provide the most flexibility. Two of the three vessels allowed for the continuous treatment of water, while the third allowed for each tank to be backflushed independently.

    This design has added significant system redundancy and flexibility. With the client’s constant influent demand, it has also increased continuous compliance with discharge regulations. Despite the challenges, this project was completed right on time.

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